At the time of writing this blog we are in the very early stages of developing our seminar. We have the idea, a title, and an organizing committee, but no sponsorship, no budget, no date and only the beginnings of a possible program - and only one speaker. Before we can identify additional speakers and build a program we need to find out who is active in the area, or in closely related areas and what ideas have already been developed. In other words we (the organizing committee) are on a journey of discovery. This blog is a way of inviting you, our readers, along for the ride.

Another reason for this blog – and indeed, this web site – is to leave a legacy. We are not planning to start a new organization to continue on after the seminar is over; our objective is to get the policy conversation started, and to have ideas available for when they are needed. This web site and the blog is intended to be part of the legacy of our work and the work of all involved in the seminar so that these important ideas can have a life after the seminar and beyond the minds of those who attended it.

Please use the email address given on this web site to offer suggestions and assistance. We would love to hear from you!