Enough is Enough report

EnoughIsEnough_FullReport.pdf EnoughIsEnough_FullReport.pdf
Size : 2454.361 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a UK-based report but very good.


 CSIRO Limits to Growth Review 2007

CSIRO 2007 Limits to Growth review.pdf CSIRO 2007 Limits to Growth review.pdf
Size : 706.157 Kb
Type : pdf

Some very useful local information.


Growth Isn't Possible

Growth_Isnt_Possible.pdf Growth_Isnt_Possible.pdf
Size : 3291.546 Kb
Type : pdf

 Worth reading.

Living without Growth
by Peter Victor
click here


Great Transition 

Great_Transition_0.pdf Great_Transition_0.pdf
Size : 847.858 Kb
Type : pdf

Also worth reading.

















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