Australia's economy and politicians from the two major political parties are fixated on growth. The belief, especially in the federal sphere, is that the only valid measure of a successful economy is growth. This implies that the planet has infinite resources, infinite capacity to regenerate things to sell and infinite capacity to deal safely with the waste accumulated by the growth activities.

The tricky thing is that the planet won't allow unlimited growth. The planet has  finite resources and capacity. The planet is our finite home.

Continued economic growth isn't sustainable. It's a pity, as the economic growth model has been a great rollercoaster while it has lasted.

The big question then is - how do we maintain ourselves when we can no longer rely on economic growth to fuel the things we have always wanted to do, buy, see, taste, touch and learn?

This is the reason for the seminar - to explore how we can prepare as a society for a radical rethink, to identify the ways in which new and relevant policies can be put in place to give us a good life when growth ends.

We will try to be courageously creative in our thinking and aspire to a society that promotes sustainability, equity and qualityof life within the bounds of our finite home. We won't get there unless we plan. Now.  


 A world without economic growth.....

  • can we still live well?
  • what needs to be planned for and created now?
  • how can we prepare our society?
  • what are the policy implications?

......policy planning is vital to our future. 













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